Meet the Board

Bethany Cutler-President

I am Bethany, President of the SLMOT Club, wife to John, and mom to 3 year old twins, Sophia and Charlotte. I've been a part of the club since my girls were just a few months old. My motivation for joining was to get to know other moms and parents of of twins and multiples and to get more involved in the multiples community. I have truly enjoyed the friendships I have made and continue to make as a meet new club members. I love going to mom's night out and the fun activities and play dates each month. Besides the twin club, I'm also involved in the local infertility community and I enjoy cooking, shopping for my girls, traveling, and camping in our 5th wheel RV as a family. My inbox is always open- if you have any questions, concerns, ideas for the club, or suggestions on how we can better serve our local multiples community, please reach out!

Chelsea Reynolds-Vice President

I'm Chelsea and I'm the clubs Vice President. My twin boys just turned 2. I joined the club when I was pregnant because I knew having twins was going to be hard. I love the social environment the salt lake mothers of twins club offers. It get the boys and I put of the house and helps us explore the valley. It get my husband and I dates nights that all couples need and want and it give me as a mom much need girl time. I love that I can come to the other moms and ask them how they did things different when it comes to twins, such as potty training. The friendships I've made through the club are life lasting friendships.

Ashley Nowlin- Membership Chair

I am Ashley. I have 1 year old B/G twins, Conner and River. I am the membership chair and help keep track of all of members. I love being a part of the Salt Lake Mother of Twins because it is such a supportive community with wonderful activities that help keep my twins and I entertained. We moved to Utah so all our family is out of state. It's great to have a group to rely on. I enjoy the outdoors which is why we moved to Utah. Rock climbing, skiing, hiking, backpacking, etc. We just bought the twins their first ski pass for this winter.

Angela Bleazard-Facebook Chair

Hi I'm Angela I have two-year-old twin boys Mark and Joseph, and I could not imagine life without them. I am the Facebook/Social Media Admin for the club. Some of my favorite hobbies would be baking, crafting, decorating my house for different holidays, spending time with my family, and like most girls shopping. I love being part of the Salt Lake Mothers of Twins Club. I joined back when my boys were 2 weeks old at the super sale which is probably one my favorite benefits of the club. Being able to get 2nd hand clothes/toys for my boys at a great price is awesome. I love having a group of twin mom friends that just get it. Their all amazing women that I can go to for advice, support, and a shoulder to cry on when needed.

Andrea ZoBell-Adopt A Mom and Service Chair

I am mom to 1 year old twin boys Henry and Wyatt. Having twins is a unique and wonderful challenge. I joined the club to get support and interact with other twin moms. I am over the Adopt-a-Mom program that pairs new moms of twins with other moms of twins who have "been there and done that". I enjoy traveling, learning about different cultures and helping people.

Mckenzie Nino-Education Night Chair

I am mom to twin girls, Camila and Liliana. They turned 2 in June of 2017 and I love having fun with them and seeing them learn new things and explore their world. Having twins is the best and hardest thing that ever happened to me! I joined the SLMOT club when I was pregnant because I knew I wanted to be surrounded by the support of other twin moms who understood the struggles I would go through. I wanted to be with people who "got it." And I am so glad I joined! I have made great friends and love the socializing aspect both for myself and my girls. I love play dates, moms nights out, the date nights, and the special events the club puts on. I am in charge of Education Nights for the club. Besides being a mom I am also a social worker/therapist and my favorite hobby is Irish dancing!

Morgan Wallace-Special Events Chair

 I am Morgan, the club's Special Events Coordinator. I have 3 year old twin girls. My favorite part about being in the club is the Twin Super Sale that happens three times a year. I also love being on the board and the new friendships I have gained since becoming part of the club. I am a part time working mom and licensed nail technician. I have a love for shopping (especially for my girls!), traveling, coffee, party planning, photography, reading, the beach, and doing nails!

Robin Mackay-Playgroup/Mom's Night Out Coordinator

Hi! I'm Robin. I have 4 year old twins, Abigail and James. I also have a 2 year old named Ellie. I love being part of this organization. It really helps to get out and socialize and receive support from others who know what it's like to have twins. I am an adventurous mom who loves to be outside doing fun things like Canyoneering, Paddle boarding, hiking, camping, and backpacking (yes, I have taken my 3 kids backpacking with me and they loved it). I also love photography, dancing, and spending time with my family.