Friday, November 16, 2012

Sub For Santa Project

We are honored to help two families this year with our annual Sub for Santa service project.   Please help us by purchasing an item off the provided list. We will wrap all the presents and have a festive morning eating brunch. Bring a pot luck brunch item and join in the fun. Babes in arms are welcome as always. Please email us and tell us what items you will help with. It will be on a first come first serve basis so pick quick. Thank you so much!!  Email us for the address of the brunch.  If you are unable to come to the brunch we would be happy to arrange to pick up the gifts before December 15th. 
Family A: This family has twin girls that are 14 months old. They enjoy educational toys and books. They are in need of warm clothing this holiday season. Gently used items are also appreciated.

5. pants/jeans size 18 months
6. shirts/onesies size 18 months
9. children's books
10. Leap Frog or V-tech innotab 2s
11. Toddler Toys
12. computer diagnostics for Mac Power Book
13. Gas Gift Cards
14. Barnes and Noble Gift Card

Family B: This family has a boy that is 11 years old, a 3 year old girl and boy/girl twins that are 20 months.  Here is the email that we received: 

I can't even put into words how humbling and lifting to my soul it is to have my community of mothers reach out and give my kids something I carry so much guilt and sadness over not being able to give them. I feel like there are not words enough to say thank you all so much. I will be forever grateful and hope to one day be in the position to "pay it forward"

(11 years old, in 6th grade)

 He has such a big heart, and he knows we are financially struggling and it was really hard for me to get him to even ask for anything concrete. To get him to give me a concrete answer about what he wants for christmas, I asked him just to make me a list of five things that he would like. He does not expect to get everything on his list, I just thought it might give people an option

1. Bedroom hammock (specifically this one: I feel like this is likely too much to ask you guys for, but I thought I'd include anyway because maybe someone just happens to have one they don't want (you never know! :-), knows where you can get one cheaper, or would want to give an Ikea gift card for less so I could buy him one?

3. Legos sets from Space Police or Lord of the Rings


He doesn't have any major clothing needs

(3 years old)


She wants anything horse related, both realistic toy horses or My Little Pony. ** We have a My Little Pony bought**

She really needs shoes, but she is VERY picky about how shoes feel- right now she lives in a pair of the fuzzy-lined fake Crocs, and could use another pair like them, or anything that is slip on and not tight. She wears a size 9 shoe right now, but she is pretty close to a 10.


 (boy/girl twins, 20 months old)

She has a snowsuit. He needs one. They both wear size 12-18 month, but can also wear size 18-24

They don't really need toys, they're little and boxes ARE the toys for them :-) but I was hoping to give them each a cabbage patch doll. They really like the ones that are older kids and have hair.**We have one need one more**


My heart is so full of happy that someone is helping me give my kids Christmas that I don't need anything to have a happy Christmas.

But i know I'm supposed to tell you something anyway. :-)

Any amount of gift card to City Creek Mall (clothes!), or REI (snowgear and snowshoes!) or Target (everything else!) I would be so grateful for.

I always need house things that seem really expensive when money is tight; paper towels, toilet paper, dishwasher soap, laundry detergent, toothpaste, ect

Okay and now I'm going to send this, because I keep wanting to delete things because I feel so heavy asking for help (really, I have been staring at this email for two hours!)

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for any help you can give us.

Be well,


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