Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fastest Dinners Ever

Have a favorite super fast dinner your family likes?   Please share them in a comment below and help us all feed our families fast! 


  1. When I make pizza dough, the recipe makes twice what we need for one meal. So I pre-cook the dough then freeze. If I need a quick meal, pre-heat the oven, throw on some pizza sauce and cheese, plus any other toppings I have handy, cook for 12 minutes while I get some fruit cut up (or open a can!) and we're ready to eat!

  2. Here's another quick idea -- I make twice the rice I need (I add chicken broth to the cooking water for more flavor), then freeze. Need a quick side item? Pull it out of the freezer, set it on the back of the oven if something's cooking, and/or microwave for a few minutes. Done!

  3. Here are other ideas that keep cooking at home more of a reality:

    - I try to stay on top of the dishes throughout the day, so that when dinner time is here, I have counter space to prep. I might not get the dishes completely washed, but at least rinsed and stacked to the side, ready to put in the dishwasher.

    - I buy those disposal leftover dishes from Ziplock or Glad or Rubbermade. They are more expensive than re-using yogurt dishes or the like, but I am much more likely to use leftovers if they are in a see-through container!

  4. My quick meal is hard-boiled eggs and bread. And a quick recipe is chickpea or bean salad: open and rinse cans of chickpeas (or beans. I use 3 cans for my family), add chopped dried onions, vinegar (I use Moscatello from Tony Caputos -- it's a white balsalmic vinegar), olive oil, and pepper. Optional: add other herbs or veggies. Toss and eat after five minutes. If you don't wait five minutes, the onions will just be crunchy. This is what I make for a meal in a real hurry!