Thursday, March 29, 2012

Education Night: Nutrition, Feeding the Masses

We will, of course have an evening of wonderful discussion about feeding our children, whether it is starting solids as infants, or fighting with toddlers to eat something more than ketchup.

Also in continuation of a discussion we had last education night, we will be sneaking in some vegetables in our family's diet. It can be easy, but is usually requires blending up the cooked vegies to a smooth consistency. Several members of the club have different recipes books (The Sneaky Chef, Deceptively Delicious, etc) and plans they use to add vegies. We will share these recipes as well as different pureed ingredients.

Several of us are going to make some purees and freeze them so we can bring them to share this evening. You can bring a puree to swap (let us know what you are bringing) or you can bring some cash to buy some from us there. If you bring some it has been easy to freeze them in ice cube trays.

It is fun and feels so good to be sneaky in a healthy way. See for more details.

April 27th, 7 pm, LDS Hospital, Education Center, Classroom A

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