Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sub For Santa Service Project

We have chosen two families this year to help for our annual service project. We need your help to provide gifts for these families for the holiday season. Here is a list of items that are needed. Please select an item(s) that you would be willing to purchase for these families. Then email us at and let us know the item(s) you have selected. We will be keeping track of who is buying what. The items will be given on a first serve basis, so we will let you know if somebody else has already selected the items that you have chosen. Thank you for your generosity, together we can make a big difference.

We are doing great for family A. We need some more help with family B. Thank you for your help, it will make a big difference in these families lives.
Family A wishes:

1. Dinosaur toys for 3 year old boy

2. Princess and Ballerina toys

3. 2T long sleeve shirts for 2 year old girl

4. Gasoline gift card for the family

Family B wishes:

1. **Junior Size 13 Girl jeans and winter shirts size Large for teen girl

2. **33X32 Adult size pants and Medium size winter shirts for teen boy

3. **38 adult size pants and XL winter shirts for teen boy

4. Size 5-6 pants and shirts for 5 year old boy (love the movie Cars)

5. Power Ranger toys

6. Music gift card for teen boy

7. Toys for 6 year old B/G twins

8. Toys for 5 year old boy twins

9. Football stuff for teen boy

10. Fashion stuff for teen girl

11. Any household items for the family. They recently relocated to the area and wasn't able to bring hardly anything with them. The family is a single mom with 7 kids she has two sets of twins.

** I know that it is really difficult to pick out clothes for teenagers. If you would rather buy a gift card to a store that has teenage friendly clothing that would be great.

Once you have purchased the item(s) please bring them to the Brunch on Saturday December 4th from 10am to 12:00 noon. We will eat, wrap the gifts, and enjoy everyone’s company. Please check for the address on or email us at info@slmot for the location. We hope to see you there for a Mom's Morning Out.

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