Saturday, May 8, 2010

Passing the Torch: New SLMOT Board 2010/2011

Well, the time has come to select a new board for SLMOT! Take a look at the descriptions of the board positions and let us know what you are willing to take on. I've heard from several people who have said, "I'm willing to do some, but not all!" If that's the case, leave a comment and let us know which position you're interested in.

Click here to see descriptions of the following positions:
- President
- Treasurer
- Membership Chair
- Mentor Moms Coordinator
- Activities Chair
- Education Chair

Are you new to SLMOT or not yet a member? Don't let that stop you! I had been an active member about three months before I took on the job of president. This is a great chance to serve and support other moms of multiples.

- Marilee


  1. I am willing to take on the Treasurer position.

  2. I can do activities, or if nothing else help with them :)

  3. I wouldnt mind mentor moms coordinator. If you could send me some more info :)