Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fall Super Sale! September 10, 2016

Join us for our Fall Super Sale on September 10th, 2016. We will have amazing deals on Maternity gear and various sizes of matching and non-matching supplies! Clothing, strollers, diaper bags, swings, carriers, toys, and more!
SLMOT club members shop early at 8:00 AM! (If you aren’t a member (you should be) and want to become one, you can pay your dues of $27.00 at the sale and shop early plus get all the other benefits of being a member.) The Super Sale is open to the public from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM. Where: The Reams Parking lot in Sandy on 8725 Highland Dr. Sandy Utah 84093. We also have a bake sale in conjunction with the yard sale, and all proceeds from the bake sale will be going to help a fellow twin family in need. This is going to be a great sale! Hope to see you there!!!!
If you are interested in selling at our Super Sale, please email:

Upcoming Events!

We have several fun events planned for this fall. More information is available on our Meetup Page. If you would like to join Salt Lake Mothers of Twins, please click here. We hope to see new faces at our upcoming events.

August 18 - Mom's night out---Game Night! Details on Meetup
August 27 - Annual BBQ up the canyon from 5-8pm.
September 10 - Super Sale. 8 am - 12 pm 
Sep 15 - Mom's night out: Restaurant. Looking for suggestions!
October 8 - Date Night...Corn Maze!
October 18 - Education Night. More details to come.
Annual Halloween Party - More details to come.
December 10 - Date Night! Tubing in Park City
January 17 - Feeding Panel

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


You don't want to miss our big SUPER SALE on January 23rd!!  We willl have amazing deals on clothing, strollers, swings, and twin gear!  SLMOT club members get to shop early at 8:00 AM!  The Super Sale is open to the public from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM.  This is going to be a great sale!

If you are interested in selling at our Super Sale, please email  It is a great way to earn some extra money!  Please email for the location.  We will also have a bake sale in conjunction with the group sale and all proceeds will be going to help a fellow twin family in need.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sub for Santa Brunch and Wrapping Party!

We have a great Sub for Santa family this year that is in need of your help.  We are having a Sub for Santa Brunch and Wrapping Party on the 12th of December. Please get your items to either Britney or Lisa by Friday, December 11th if you are not able to make it to the brunch.  We welcome PayPal donations.  Our PayPal email is .  Please type Sub for Santa Donation in the notes.  We will also be doing a clothing drive for this sweet family.  

Thank you for your generosity this Christmas Season!

Event details at 

SUB-FOR-SANTA LIST (also available on Facebook):

Girl - age 5, size 7/8 girls clothes, size 13 shoes. She loves the color red. She wants a panda toy from Santa for Christmas. Target had a panda baby toy she wanted that was wearing a diaper and could be fed that she keeps mentioning. But she just loves pandas, period. 

Boy - age 3 (almost 4) - he wears size 4/5 toddler clothing. He wears a size 9 toddler shoe. He loves hot wheels, cars, dump trucks. His sisters have all gotten barbies from Grandma for Christmas, so he would probably really like a "boy barbie" type of toy. Like an ironman or something similar. His favorite color is pink (hard to find boy type stuff in pink).

Girl - age 3 (almost 4) - she wears size 4/5 clothing and a size 9 toddler shoe. She LOVES baby dolls. She loves to dress them up, feed them - the whole bit. Her favorite color is purple.

Girl - age 3 (almost 4) - she wears a size 3/4 toddler clothes and size 9 shoe. She likes puzzles and things she can take apart, put together. She really likes to color and be creative. She's my "thinker" in the bunch. Her favorite color is pink.

Girl - age 3 (almost 4) - she wears a size 4/5 toddler clothing and size 9 toddler shoe. Her favorite color is glitter. She is a girly girly girl. Anything pretty, frilly, feminine and sparkly she loves. She would love dress up stuff for Christmas from Santa.

Boy - 19 months - he wears size 3 toddler clothing and a size 7 toddler shoe. He's a big boy! He loves small toys he can carry around with him - like his brother's hot wheels, or sisters small stuffed animals or dolls. He is thoroughly into boy toys, and loves to play with his brother making car sounds and whatnot. He loves oversized stuffed blocks as well and developmental type toys. He tends to gravitate to the color red, so pretty sure it's his current favorite color.

Gift cards for the mother will be appreciated, thanks! 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Our Big Halloween Party is Coming Up!

Our Club has had a great October!  We started the month off with our first group date night and had a fun time in Park City on the Alpine Coaster and dinner afterwards.  Also this month, we put together NICU and Bedrest packages and we had an Feeding Panel Education Night.  

To finish off the month, we will be having a Club Halloween Party!  We will provide soup and rolls and will have a candy parade.  We can't wait to see all of the cute twin costumes!  Details are on meetup.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

TWIN SUPER SALE! Saturday, September 26th, 2015!

We know how expensive it is to buy new for multiples or singletons—especially when they outgrow things long before they are worn out! Our Super Sale provides our members and the Salt Lake community with a great opportunity to pick up gently-used clothing, toys, equipment, supplies and furniture. It also provides an avenue for selling your children’s outgrown items, clearing out your storage spaces, and earning some cash!

Our next Super Sale will be held on Saturday, September 26th, 2015 at Reams Food Store in Sandy, 8725 Highland Drive.

The sale is open to the public at 8:30 am (8:00 for SLMOT members!) and ends at 12:00 pm.

Our Super Sales are held in May and September and are SLMOT’s biggest fundraisers. SLMOT provides all the advertising, reserves the location, and handles all financial transactions and in return receives 10% of the proceeds from each item sold at the Super Sales. Non-members interested in selling at one of our Super Sales must pre-register and pay a $10.00 fee. We accept cash only – no credit cards. Personal checks will only be accepted from club members. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

If you are interested in selling at one of our Semi-Annual Super Sales, please email us at Thanks!

Friday, June 12, 2015

We Thank Our Fabulous Sponsors!

Our Annual Membership Drive/Fundraiser Picnic is almost here!

Don't forget to bring cash if you would like to earn extra tickets for your generous donation to the Salt Lake Mothers of Twins Club!  Club members will receive 5 complimentary tickets when they check in at the picnic.  If you choose to make a donation to the Club, you will get 1 ticket for every dollar in donation and earn an extra ticket for every $5 you donate.  There will be one winner per family, but ALL tickets will be in the drawing for the grand prize!

Please see the image below for the list of our fabulous sponsors who have made a big difference in making the picnic such a success this year!